Acacius the Patriarch of Constantinople

He was known by his deep knowledge in the Scriptures, so he was ordained as priest at Constantinople. As the Council of Chalcedon held he realized what the complex psychological motives of the West were toward Alexandria under the guise of religion. He refused to appear due to his health status. He proclaimed to his friends that he thanked God for not participating in the work of this assembly. When the Patriarch Anatolios died; he was cited as Patriarch of Constantinople. He did not save any effort to delete what had been caused by the Council of Chalcedon of splits and troubles in the East, especially in Egypt, where the Kings started to send an appointed bishop of Alexandria. His only goal was to work to destroy the Egyptian church. Patriarch Acacius sent a letter to St. Peter, Pope of Alexandria announcing their union in faith in the company, followed by several messages filled with love. He worked secretly, after realizing his failure to rectify the situation. Pope Peter responded by sending a message along with three bishops entered Constantinople posing, The Patriarch honored them, and read his letter to his elect city members who were distinguished by keeping the correct Christian faith. They strongly supported it. Patriarch Acacius wrote in their presence a letter to Pope Peter. He accompanied the three bishops to some monasteries and participated with them in the service of the Divine Liturgy. The two teams blessed each other. Pope Peter received the message with utmost joy, and ordered thee including of the name of Patriarch Acacius during the prayers of the Holy Liturgies, Patriarch Acacius remained in exile until he departed on the thirty of the month Hator. May the blessings of his prayers be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Acacius the Patriarch of Constantinople
Translated by: Deacon Mina (servant of the LORD)
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