Aqladeus Martyr

His bringing up: Aqladeus was one of the Roman princes. He was the son of Obtlmaos and was loved by all the people of Antioch for his good traits of courage, descent looking and his countenance. They called him "Knight Aqladeus ". His picture hung on the door of the city. His yearning for martyrdom: As Decollation sparked the persecution on the Christians. The saint and his cousin, Boktor ben Romanos agreed to submit their lives to Jesus Christ. On the way to the king appeared to the adversary appeared to in the form of an elder. He started to advice the saying: "Hey, you are both at young age and are children of senior citizens. I'm afraid about both of you from this pagan king. If he told you to worship the idols, do that and at home you can secretly be followers of Christ”. Both of them realized his deceit. They said to him: "O full of all cheats go". And on the spot his form changed. And he said: Behold, I will precede you to the king and urge him to the shedding of your blood” His Sending to Upper Egypt: He met with the king, who tried to be gentle with him. The king promised that he would donate his father's position to him if he offered incense to the idols. But Aqladeus did not care .The Minister Romanus advised the king to send him to Egypt, away from Antioch, so as not to cause tribulation in the crowd if he was executed. The King sent him, along with six of his soldiers with a message to Ariana magistrate of Ansena asking him to try to be gentle with him then to chasten him. Prince Aqladeus departed guarded by soldiers to Egypt, and before going out of the city, they met a large number of people who were mourning, as everyone loved him. At the gate of the city a blind man asked him to pray for him. He did and made the sign of the cross on him, asking the Lord Jesus Christ to heal him. The Lord opened the eyes of the blind. Then he blessed the crowd asking them to pay attention to the salvation of their souls; He was full of joy to as he expected that he would depart to meet the Lord Jesus Christ. Then he handed his money to his sister's husband "Sdrikhos" asking him to arrange for its distribution to the poor. His Arrival to Ansena: Aqladeus arrived to Ansena, but he knew from the soldiers that Ariana went to the edge of the country Kuskam and Ashmunein at Assiut Governate searching for the Christians to torture them. So they sailed towards towards Assiut, and when they arrived at the village Misarp. They sat down to rest in Misarp. Their Aqladeus met a couple "Obamoun" and "Serna". They were requesting the governor to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ and get the crown for the sake of His Holy Name. They imagined that Aqladeus was the governor. When they recognized who he was they were full of joy and the three started the talk about the mighty works of God. In the city of Assuit: As the governor read the letter of the King, he bowed and kissed the hands of Prince Aqladeus .He praised him for his dignity and high rank. He asked him to present incense to idols. When Aqladeus refused, he ordered his arrest together with the two youth Obamoun sand Sedra. In the morning the governor presented Obamoun to trial. Obamoun stayed as a witness of Christ .So they throw him on a bed of steel iron fiery flames under it. But to the amazement of the governor, the six soldiers who came with Aqladeus had declared the faith in Jesus Christ, saying: "Our master Prince had handed us over to the real King, the Lord Jesus Christ, and this was a courtesy of love that Aqladeus presented to Christ by testifying to Him before the soldiers. Wroth, the governor was furious and ordered that the soldiers be beheaded. Aqladeus was encouraging and comforting them, but they said to him: "We are because of you have earned this honor." He answered them: "Depart in peace and be an offering and sacrifice to the Lord", and then they handed over their souls in the hands of the Lord in 20 Bashans. Praise in prison: The governor went to prison to hear himself Aqladeus and Obamoun with all the imprisoned Christians praising God with a beautiful tone as two teams each respond to the other. The Martyrdom of 142 youth: As he was near the place of torture Obamoun a tutor place where the teacher encouraged his students to head where the governor was. He asked them to witnessing for Jesus Christ and raping the kingdom. Indeed, when the governor saw them, he surprised, and “asked them: “Where are your fathers?” They answered: "our Father is in heaven and our mother is the church." AS Aqladeus saw this scene his heart was full of joy. He as well encouraged the youth while their teacher was reciting the Psalm: "Praise God in His Saints," and the youth responded with a beautiful spiritual tone. The spectacle stirred the crowd. All announced what happened and launched in the city. Twenty-eight of the mothers of these youth women came, and were quite happy for their children say: "What misfortune? Do you want to go away to Christ and leave us alone in this world?"... That resented the governor and ordered that every one be thrown in the fire on 22 Bashans. Martyrdom of Saint Takla: While St. Obamoun was on the bed surrounded by fiery flames that had killed six soldiers, hundred and forty-two youth joined with twenty eight of the their mothers. St Takla the daughter of Karas who was counted as one of the honored residents of the city of Assiut went to where the arena of suffering. She was wearing on expensive clothes and began to talk with Prince Aqladeus and Obamoun as if they were her brothers. ... This rose the wrath of the governor and he ordered that she should be beheaded in dawn of the next day. This execution was achieved in the east of Assiut. One of the soldiers accompanying him in the team that was responsible for the completion of this task went to the Christian prisoners and asked them to forgive him if he had mistreated them because he was going to give himself up to martyrdom, He was accompanied by some soldiers and they gained the crown of martyrdom on 23 Bashans. The martyrdom of Aqladeus: One of the governor advisers asked him to speed out of Assuit because Aqladeus mislead the minds of many. So the governor left and accompanied Aqladeus, Obamoun , Serna and many other Christians. The governor hanged Aqladeus on a wood and hit him with a spear He died and the governor felt much sadness for his death! Reference: Nabil Salim: Martyrs Mar Aqladeus and Abba Victor Shaw, May 1967. Aqladeus martyr: refer to Martyr Asterios.

Arabic biography source of: Aqladeus Martyr
Translated by: Deacon Mina (servant of the LORD)
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