Avlympios and Ovllambip the Saints

The word Avlympios or Eulampius means, "shining". In the start of the fourth century as the persecution raised by Decollation and his partner Maxmjnos flared. Nicomedia turned to genocide. They presented to the martyrdom groups of Christians. It is said that Ovlympios who was from an affluent family. He was still a young youth when he fled with his sister to a cave outside the city. A necessity forced him to go to the city. He saw the Imperial publication pending. He started to read. As he was arrested and taken to the governor Galleros and the rulers around him. The governor tried to lure his faith. He refused and mocked the idols. He fell under the severe torture. His sister having heard, she rushed towards him in the midst of the masses of pagans that were around him. She fell on his neck, wept and encouraged him. She was arrested and humiliated as well. Both of them had faith like a rock that was not shaken. She and her brother were thrown in boiling tar. Then the two were singing hymns to God, who saved them from any harm. Viewing this miracle about two hundred of pagans and viewers had confessed Jesus Christ and surrendered to the governor who ordered their beheading. They preceded Avlympios and his sister Ovllambip in gaining the crown of martyrdom. These two Saints soon joined them. That was about the year 303 AD. Reference: Butler: Lives of the Saints, Oct. 10. May the blessings of their prayers be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Avlympios and Ovllambip the Saints
Translated by: Deacon Mina (servant of the LORD)
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