Plato The Martyr

St Plato or Blatonius grew up in the city of Ankara, province of Galatia, from an honest and rich family, characterized by piety and giving to the needy. Plato was characterized by his abundant knowledge and good culture with the pious and piety. When his father died, he distributed his inheritance to the poor. As the persecution raised in the reign of Decollation and Maxmjnos Plato was the first martyr among those who got the crown of the martyrdom in Ankara during this tribulation. He had shown exceptional courage in his endurance of suffering that was brutally and awfully cast by the governor Ograybanos, He himself used to sit with the executioners to satisfy his bloody nature. He finally ordered that St Plato be beheaded. That was about the year 303 AD. May the blessings of His prayers be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Plato The Martyr
Translated by: Deacon Mina (servant of the LORD)
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