Avronia The Martyr

Her ascetic life: She lived in Mesopotamia, (Almisp). Her heart flamed with the love of God. She longed to devote all its energies to worship the LORD. She joined a convent there. Her aunt Oorianp was the mother of the convent. She became her disciple and was taught on her hands, eagerly studying the Bible, and practicing the ascetic life with ardent zeal. There were around fifty virgin nuns in the convent, As Diocletian raised persecution against Christians, they were afraid and left leaving only mother Oorianp , nun Avronia and another nun. The soldiers stormed the convent and grabbed the mother and abused her too. Avronia, who was twenty years old, asked them to leave the old mother nun and to catch her instead. The governor told her that if she accepted to worship the idols he would reward her. She mocked all his promises. As the kind treatment did not work, he started threatening violence, ordered the soldiers to beat her with sticks The mother nun kept crying to the Lord to grant Avronia strength and stability. The governor wanted to abuse her and started tearing her clothes off to expose her body. The mother nun Oorianp did not tolerate that. She screamed: "O you devouring monster may the Lord tear you, because you mean libel this orphan girl" So the mother nun endured to see her daughter tormented, but did not bear to see her dress torn. It was too difficult to her to see the naked body of her daughter exposed The governor resented when he heard the words of the mother nun. He ordered that Avronia should be squeezed in an iron wheel that tore her body with iron combs. St. Avronia beseeched the Lord asking for His support in her struggle. As she insisted on the recognition of the Lord Jesus Christ, the governor ordered to cut off her tongue and to smash her teeth. Being bound to the Lord, He kept healing her. Finally the governor ordered to be beheaded by the sword. She received the crown of martyrdom around the year 305 AD. The Coptic Church celebrates her Memorial Day on the first day of Abib. May the Blessings of her prayers Be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Avronia The Martyr
Translated by: Deacon Mina (servant of the LORD)
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