Euphrosyne The Saint

The fourth century Marked by the migration of the faithful hearts into the wilderness to practice the love of God in its finest form. Where the faithful not only do reject a life of luxury, but also discard anything that can distract them from contemplation of God. Many thousands took off to practice this life. Some girls that longed for the monastic life managed to disappear in the uniforms of men and by practicing the ascetic life they lost their femininity to live this cruel hard life full with flaming heart passion and heavenly sacred emotions that flied towards the heaven. Among these saints were Marina, Elaria, Athanasia and Obolevaris etc and also Euphrosyne (Ofrosiny), whom the Greek calls her by the name: "Mother." Euphrosyne was born by the blessings of the prayers of one of the monks who were a Saint. Her father, Pfnotios, one of the wealthy men from Alexandria, asked him to pray for him to get a blessed fruit (Offspring). The Lord responded to the monks’ prayers. Her father called her " Euphrosyne " that means, "joy" as she came after a long yearning for years. This beautiful girl arose between religious, pious and wealthy parents, at the end of the fourth century. Her parents were distinguished by generosity in their donations. She inherited from them God's transcendent love. She desired to devote her life to worship God. Euphrosyne reaching eighteen years of age: At that age her parents wanted to arrange her marriage to a pious rich young man. She in vain besought him to leave her alone, and he started preparations for the wedding. Suddenly, the girl disappeared, and her father kept looking in every city and village but he did not find her Euphrosyne going to a monastery She went off to a monastery after she disappeared in men's clothes. She met with the father monk, who initially refused to accept her when he saw the signs of softness and richness with beauty. But under the insistence he accepted her under trial. He was thinking of her as a young man spoiled and would not tolerate the monastic life. The girl was full of joy and practiced the pious ascetic life. She was deeply engaged in worshipping God. Her behavior surprised everyone. Her father dropped a visit to the monastery; Euphrosyne knew him but withheld her feelings. She and guided him to endure pain with joy. He found a condolence in her. That was the reason for his repeated visits to the monastery. But he did not know it his daughter. Euphrosyne lived eighteen years as a monk, a hermit. She fell ill and realized that her day of departure was near; she revealed herself to her father, who bent down to her neck and kissed her. She encouraged and revived his faith, and then lay in his hands. The Roman Church praises her by this hymn: "When you longed for the upper-life she actively neglected the worldly pleasures. You conducted yourself in the way of men, Oh good memory, you scorned your fiancé for the sake of your heavenly bridegroom Jesus Christ." To go back to her father, we could wee that he was strongly influenced by his daughter. He too longed to inflict in a holy life in the Lord, and was risen by the Holy Spirit of God high up the mountains of virtue .He sold all his properties and distributed the money to the poor. He joined the monastery to spend ten years in the cell of his daughter struggling with joy in a serious ascetic life. Reference: Butler, S: Lives of Saints. Jan. 1 Archimandrite Michele Assaf: The Synaxarium, September 25 May the Blessings of her prayers be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Euphrosyne The Saint
Translated by: Deacon Mina (Servant of the Lord)
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