Burnout The Martyr

Aryana the governor of Ansena in Upper Egypt heard about the monk Burnout who lived near Dandera as he attracted a big number of people to Christ with his rightness so he sent him two leaders of a hundred to torture him but they failed to attain him. One night the saint Burnout saw an angel urges him to be ready to depart from this world announcing him that Aryana wants him. The saint rejoiced to hear that news and considered himself as who is celebrating a feast and in the morning he set off to the beach in the company of the angel who consoled him and disappeared. The governor got out of the ship to find lots of officials welcome him warmly and the monk approached him to say "Sir, the governor the one whom speaks to you is Burnout whom you seek him urgently he is Burnout the Christian". The governor's procession walked to the city while Burnout was tied surrounded by soldiers to throw him among thieves and murderers in prison. The governor rested a little then formed a council to judge The monk Burnout in the beginning he started to flare him by talking about the eternity after that he ordered to torture him. God sent him an angel strengthen him and recover him from his wounds until the two whip carriers Dinees and Kalimalek believed and became martyrs on the name of Christ .The governor returned Burnout to the prison and he met forty clerks the governor imprisoned he was telling them about the faith and eternity they pleased with his words specially as they saw as if fire burning in prison in the evening they became frightened but the prison keeper quieted them that this view repeats every night since this monk was imprisoned. The monk got every chance to pledge to Jesus Christ when he was regained from the prison with the forty clerks and the huge fire was burnet under the supervision of a hundred soldiers to burn the clerks the Saint got to talk to the viewers about the faith in Christ The Master in the presence of the governor attracted lots of people the matter that astonished the governor so he ordered to torture him with the squeezing wheel (Hinbazeen)to turn his body into pieces and God used to heal him, so the leader and his forty soldiers believed: who martyred burning and the number of the martyrs increased so the governor feared from the rage of the people and he took the saint with him in the ship to Antinouh(Al Shikh Ebada in Malawy) as he crossed him tied to the stalk of a palm tree with the crime of deceiving the state officials(the forty clerks) and making a rage in the army (the four hundereds) the marvelous thing that the keepers believed in his god after they got his corps and they martyred too.

Arabic biography source of: Burnout The Martyr
Translated by: Nan Samaan
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