Afrahat The Saint 2

Saint Afrahat, St. Ofrahat (Ofrahat) lived an ascetic life having a real evangelical thoughts in his heart. He expanded his pilgrimage of love to all, welcoming, and corresponding to the others, struggling also for keeping the faith. His inception: It was said that he grew up in the fourth century in Persia, and his parents were worshipping idols, but he was not at ease towards the thoughts of his parents and their lives that were filled with sins. During his adolescence he met some Christians and contacted their affection and chastity. He asked them about their faith. They spoke to him about the Oneness of God and the triangulation of the Three Divine Persons (The Holy Trinity). They also told him about the work of God's salvation. He hilariously accepted the Christian faith and was baptized. Afrahat decided to leave the country as prophet Abraham did He went to Adisa (Edessa) in Mesopotamia to practice the tough faith of Christians there, and was inclined to the life of solitary in the vicinity of the city. He practiced the life of worship in a monastic spirit of real piety. The fragrant smell of Christ was obvious in him. Many came to him asking for his guidance and prayers. It seemed that he left this place and went to another area where he had increased in the rituals. He only ate bread, drank little water, back in the day together with some uncooked vegetables once daily. When he got older, one of the governors of the East, called Anthimos sought for him and gave him a new garment brought from Persia as a gift from his country of origin. As he was naturally nice and optimistic, he accepted the gift and thanked him for it. Shortly after that he asked him“ I want to consult you in a case that confuses me and undermine my intellectual. Almost for 16 years I have decided to have a friend and I chose one to accompany me and live with me, this was a friend that I liked very much and he never sadden me. But another came from a country far away and wanted to take his place whom should I accept?” The governor replied “ It goes without saying, surely the first”. Afrahat smiled and said to him: "The old friend is my clothes that lived with me these long years, how can I replace them?" Then the governor smiled and realized that Afrahat would like to apologize for accepting his gift gently. He took back the new dress and was amazed by his wisdom and kindness that he did not want to hurt his feelings even in the rejection of the gift. With King St. Valens: The Saint stayed in his cell and did not come out of it. The cell had turned into a strong spiritual center. All who came to him were comforted by the words of all inbound foreign grace of his mouth, and enjoy the blessings of God's work with him. As Emperor Valens sent Mlatios bishop of Antioch to exile, and raised persecution against the Church because he was a follower of the blasphemies of Arias. Afrahat entered the city of Antioch, and encouraged the believers, and guided them to the Orthodox faith. He provided them with the sound prove of the divinity of Christ. The Arsons were unable to resist or incontestable him for the grace that is given to him through his words and his life and the wonders that God had conducted on his hands. So the Arsons feared him and wanted to get rid of him. The emperor saw him rushing back on the road despite his old age. He asked about who was that and was told that he was hermit Afrahat, He summoned him and asked about the reason for walking quickly. St. Afrahat said to him: "To assemble in church and pray for the world, especially for the Empire." Valens then said to him: "It would be better that you remain in your cell and pray in it." The Saint answered: "If a girl sighted fire flare in the house of her father and she was wearing a veil, How much long she would stay, covered with her veil, at home submissive to burn?! I'm not the one to be blamed, but rather you who set fire to the house of my Father and I quenched. I do not do anything contrary to our work when we meet together to revive the pro- of faith in the real. " Then the Emperor could not answer him a word. But one of the participants cursed and threatening with killing him. This man fell dead on the spot. That frightened the Emperor, and did not extend his hand on St. Afrahat despite attempts by the Arsons and urged him to send the Saint for his exile. But after a little time Valens died in a fire Vastraan, The Church was released from his resistance. The Saint returned to his solitary where he presented his prayers for world until he departed in around 345 AD. The Greek Church celebrates his Memorial Day on 29 January and the Latin Church on the seventh of April. May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Afrahat The Saint 2
Translated by: Deacon Mina
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