Basidi The Martyr

Coptic Church celebrates the martyrdom of a long seven monks from Mount tuna in the 29 th of Paoni; they are: Basidi , Kutls , Ordama, Moses, Essy, Barklas and Kutls. Angel of the Lord appeared to the priest and hermit Basidi and Kutls, and urged them to receive the crown of martyrdom through the recognition of their believe of the Saviour. The two got up to the governor, and they were cheerful spirit, waiting for their crowns. There they met the five Saints coming on a ship, heading for the governor to receive their crowns also, so the seven met together one agreement, and testified to the Savior before of the governor who was tortured them a lot, and linking stones in their necks and cast them into prison. Jesus appeared to them healed their pain and comforts them and prepares them to the kingdom of heaven, turning their pain into a source of internal comfort. The governor sent them to Alexandria, to receive more tortures, increasing their glory in the Lord. The governor of Alexandria put them in a pot filled with brimstone and Tar, and lighted beneath them, The Lord sent his angel to heal. The governor called for them. Viewed by the public alive after many sufferings that befell them, 130 people had believed in Jesus Christ and martyred as a convoy front of the blessed. the governor resented keep punish them, and finally beheaded by the sword

Arabic biography source of: Basidi The Martyr
Translated by: Fawzy Fayez
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