Afra Martyr

Her life: Her life was self-demonstrating the life in the lusts of the flesh for a long period . Then she tasted the sweetness of living with God in Christ Jesus the Savior. She fished her household by faith. She stood boldly to face the pain of persecution with triumphant spirit. The West celebrates her martyrdom on the fifth of August, and she is still honored in Augsburg her home town and in some regions of Germany, It was said that her holy relics were discovered by S. Ulric during the year 955 AD, and now the relics are in the churches of Erlik and Afra in the far south Augsberg. Most scholars assert her Martyrdom, though some critics are skeptical that she was an adulteress and repented. Her inception: According to tradition was Aphra (Afra ) was an adulteress who lived in Augsberg at the beginning of the fourth century, repented at the hands of St. Narcissus of Gerona, Spain. Her mother Hillaria repented along with her. She won as well the hearts of her three maidens: Degna, Ivnomia and Ifberibia who were participating in her corruption. Her martyrdom: As the fire of persecution inflamed under Diocletian and Maximian their co-judge Gaius of Rhaetia, summoned her and entered in the following dialogue: Slaughter for the gods, it is better for you to live than to die from tornaments - Enough of the sins committed through ignorance, I will not add to them what you do command me by. - Go to the temple and make a sacrifice. – Jesus is my temple, I see Him always in front of my eyes, and I confess my sins to Him every day and present myself voluntarily as a sacrifice. -I have heard about you, you harlot. So sacrifice to the gods as you do not have a share with the God of the Christians. - I know that my Lord Jesus Christ came from heaven for sinners. - Sacrifice to gain the love of your lovers and they will pour their money in your pocket - I will not accept their dirty money, this money that I got is a waste. - You will not be a Christian, you are an adulteress. - Everything that I have I give up to gain the title of a Christian by God's mercy. - How do you know that Christ accepted you? – It is that He allows me to confess Him before the throne of your judgement. - All this and that are just fantasies; present a sacrifice! - Christ is my salvation, Who was suspended on the Cross, and promised the thief who acknowledged him the paradise. - Do not leave me argue a lot- present a sacrifice, or if you behave foolishly I will torture you and burn you alive. –I wish that I I suffer physical pain in my body that sinned! The judge issued an order of her burning alive. She was grabbed by the soldiers and they led her to an island in the River Lech, and there they scourged her and tied her to a wooden pillar to burn her. She stretched her hands and lift them towards the sky, tears running from her eyes to offer prayers to God, saying: "O Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty, Who came not to call the righteous, but the sinners to repent, accept this time the sufferings of my repentance, and during this time that the fire is prepared for my physical extermination save me from eternal fire that burns the body and soul together " . Having started to enter the fire, they heard her saying” Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ who offered Himself on the Cross as a ransom for the whole world, You the Just to redeem the unjust, the Good to redeem the wicked, the Blessed, the Unblemished to redeem those under curse, the Sweet to redeem who are bitter. To You I offer myself as a sacrifice, O King to You the Kingdom with the Father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever, Amen". As she said that there was no sound and to launched herself into the paradise carrying the triumphal crown of martyrdom. In the evening came and her mother and three maidens to get her body and to bury her. As Gaius heard of this, he sent soldiers to burn them. According to some scholars Afra came with the the Theban Legion from Egypt to Germany. It was usual that when the soldiers left, sometimes they took their wives and children with them. Others say that they came as a Hooker Girl escort for a soldier and stayed there practicing evil. Reference: Rev. Baring Gould: Lives of Saints, Aug. 5. May the Blessings of their prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Afra Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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