Eutychia Martyr 2

The story of a girl who was immersed in the idolatry of evil in all its energies, then got affected by the worship of a hermit and his hidden supplications. Her Interior deep depths were shaken not only to accept the Christian faith, but also had tasted the sweet sharing with her new heavenly husband. She became the secret of the heavenly blessing and the reason for rebuilding the hearts of many. Her youth: She was born (Avduquea Oozdikia or Eutychia ) in Baalbek, Syria. She was from a Samaritan family. Her fatherís name was Jonah and her motherís name was wisdom. Eutychia was so beautiful. By her beauty she attracted many to sin. The grace of God allowed a single monk from Jerusalem called "Germanus" to be a guest in the house adjacent to the house Eutychia At midnight the hermit as usual, was praying fervently. Then he began to read in the Bible about the "Judgement" in a loud voice in order to disarm his being attracted to sleep. As he had already done so, he began to read a spiritual book about the sufferings of the wicked. Eutychia listened attentively from behind the wall and he feelings were shaken. She kept weeping until the morning. She met the monk and asked him about what he was reading. He urged her to repent . He kept meeting her on continuing basis until she got ripe for baptism. St Theodoros, the Bishop of Baalbek baptized her. She presented to him all her money and asked that all should be distributed to the poor. Eutychia went to the house of virgins, where she lived . Her heart of red-hot love of God, The virgins loved her and insisted that she should be the head after the departure of present head. From the start of the days of entering the house, she became the best example of their working life, through her vigilant behavior that was full of love to God. Her long fasting and continuous prayers through days and nights attracted many to the house of virgins. The Satanic trick: The adversary moved a young wicked man to shoot her down in the impurity. He pretended that he was living an ascetic virtuous life.He went to the hermit Germanus asking him to accept him in the eunuchesíhouse to live devoting his life to worship, The hermit said to him that he was still a young man and that he had to slow down. The wicked man carefully answered that the biography of Avduquea had directe him to this way. After a period of more than short, the young man requested to meet St. Avduquea to receive her blessings. As hermit Germanus was reassured of him, he allowed the meeting. The young man talked words of impurity constituents. But she blamed him in a severe and sharp reprimand .The Lord stroke him, and he fell dead Her persecution: When king Tirianos embarked the persecution against the Christians; the magistrate Ourelianos sent his soldiers to the city soldiers to arrest this young Saint. A monster leaped and killed some of them and the rest fled. The magistrate did not believe the news. He sent his son accompanied by a large number of soldiers, but the horse kicked him in the road and he died. The magistrate went to Avduquea and asked for her intercessions. The Lord heard her prayers and the magistrateís son was risen. The magistrate and all his family believed in the Christian faith. The magistrate went to Avduquea and asked for her intercessions. The Lord heard her prayers and the magistrateís son was risen. The magistrate and all his family believed in the Christian faith., believed the governor, his family and a maltitude of the city. As the magistrate Ourelianos died, his successor Deugnits wanted to marry Gelasia the sister of the first. He hate the Christians. Gelasia fled and took shelter at Avduquea. The governor sent soldiers to bring Avduquea to avenge her. She came and spoke with courage enduring many suffering for the sake of her faith in Christ. The LORD was Glorified as a severe hurricane occured while the soldiers were beating her with whips in brutality . Many believed in the LORD. Finally the governor released her and she returned to the house of virgins.Finally, the governor released her to return to the house of virgins. It cites and attaches to a new magistrate named Vecesios who had the jurisdiction by Trajan King, tried to lure the Saint to deny faith. As he saw her determination, he ordered that she should be beheaded. Her Martyrdom was on the fifth of the month of Baramhat ( about 114 AD). So the bride Avduquea went to meet her bridegroom our Lord Jesus Christ in the eternal paradise. Reference: O/ Leary: The Saints of Egypt, P 138. Deacon Joseph Habib: The shift to the the sinner Avduquea to a martyr, 1977. May the Blessings of her prayers be with all of us AMEN

Arabic biography source of: Eutychia Martyr 2
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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