The church celebrates the martyrdom of St. Eutychia (Ovduquea or Oodquisip), (meaning "pleasure of God" on 27 of the month of Mesori .She grew up with her brother Benjamin in Shabshir Tamlay (Menof, Menoufia Governorate), under the auspices of the Christian parents who were strangers’ lovers, walking in the fear of God and piety. Benjamin longed to enjoy the crown of martyrdom. He went to Shatanof ,Ashmun county (Menoufia governate), most probably by Divine invitation. There he declared his Christian faith and confession in Jesus Christ before the governor. He endured severe tortures and was finally placed in jail. His parents and sister heard about that. They came to him weeping. But he comforted them, declaring them the demise of this world and the hope for the eternal glory. As his sister heard about eternal glory she said to him "As the LORD lives, I do not forsake you, and the death you will die by, I die by with you." The governor heard so he placed her with him in a dark place for twenty days, and then brought them out and connected to their necks heavy stones. He threw into the sea. The Lord sent an angel to resolve the stones from their necks. So they swam until they reached near a town called Bastara. Virgin who helped them met them till they got rest from swimming in the water. They returned to the governor to re-declare their faith. He ordered to cut their necks with the sword, and received the crown of martyrdom. The believers built a church in their town Shabshir named after their name. May the Blessings of their prayers Be with all of us Amen

Arabic biography source of: Eutychia
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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