Once two Monks asked God to announce to them the extent of their spiritual progress. They heard a voice saying "That in a village in Egypt there lived a man called Ifajaristus (or Ayuharistus, Eucharistos) and his wife named Mary. You both failed to reach the degree of their virtuous lives". The two elders rose and went to the village, and asked about Eucharistos. They located his house and met his wife. They asked her: "Where is your husband?" She replied: "He is a shepherd and he is feeding the flock". They entered the home. In the evening Eucharistos returned accompanied by his sheep. Seeing the two elder brethren, he prepared the table for them, and came to wash their feet. But they said: "We will not eat anything until you tell us about the way your life." Eucharistos replied humbly: "I am a shepherd and this is my wife". The two elders insisted that he should tell them all about his way of living. But he did not want to utter anything. Then they said to him: "God is the One who sent us”. Eucharistos replied with fear: "Here are the sheep, which we inherited from our parents, Any little profit we gain by the help of God we divide it in three parts: the first share for the poor and the second for the hospitality and the third our own. Since I got married we did not come together but she is still a virgin. Each one of us lives alone. At night we wear mourning clothes and in the morning we wear our regular wear our clothes. No one knows any thing about us so far.” Have they heard these words they came to the elder in astonishment, and went out glorifying God. Reference Bendicta Ward: Saying of the desert fathers P 51 May the Blessings of their prayers Be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Eucharistos
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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