Euftychus St.

He was a disciple of St. John the Evangelist, .He stayed with the saint for sometime. Then, he asked for permission to go to St. Paul the Apostle. St John authorized him to do so. He went to him and preached in the name of Christ. He gained many Jews and Gentiles to the Lord Jesus and baptized them. He transferred the temples of the idols to churches. He patiently tolerated the imprisonment for a long time, he was put in the fire and was not hurt, He was thrown to the lions, but he domesticated the wild beasts. He went to Sebastia and preached there. The angel of the Lord accompanied and supported him. When he peacefully completed his mission, he departed in a good old age. It is said that this Saint was the young man who was sitting upstairs and fell in deep sleep at the time when the Apostle Paul was giving a speech. He fell from the third tier to the bottom and was carried dead. He was risen by the prayers of Apostle Paul Reference: Synaxarium, 1st day of the month of Pi Kogi Enavot (The little month). May the Blessings of His prayers Be with all of us Amen

Arabic biography source of: Euftychus St.
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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