Afberbios Father

Father Afberbios (Ibrebeos Euprepios) was Characterized by non caring for any worldly matters even when some thieves had robbed him, he helped them to move his own staff. Even when they feared it handed over to some passers-by to deliver it to them. His saying: "Knowing that God is faithful, and capable. Let you have faith in Him by sharing what He has. We all believe that the Almighty that all things are possible to him. So grab Him by having faith and trusting Him in all your private affairs, as He is able to make miracles with you as well". In material and bodily matters: "Who likes the world, likes also to have opportunities to fall. For this if it happened that we lost a thing , we accept this with joy and gratitude for we are freed from our interest in what we lost". A brethren once asked Afberbios about his life. He replied: "Eat the straw, wear a straw, Sleep on the straw, that is despise everything and ask yourself a heart of iron!" In his early days An elder once visited Afberbios and asked him “ Abba (father). say a useful word on how to be saved." He replied: "If you want to be saved, go to see a human being and do not start the conversation before he speaks to you”. Then Afberbios regretted what he had pronounced, he kneeled and did a ( Matanya). The elder said "I read many books before, and I did not find such an education," . He left feeling that he gained much.. “When a person acquire humility and poverty and lack of condemnation of others, he will be filled with the fear of God ". Reference Bendicta Ward: Saying of the Desert Fathers, P 53 May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Afberbios Father
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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