We do not know much about the personality of the Spanish bishop of Barcelona Pasjane( Pacian) but best known through his writings. Married before being ordained as a priest, and had a son named Flavius Dexter, became president of the veil of the Emperor Theodosius, and the guardian of Honorius. St. Jerome stuck to that Son as a close friend, gave him a book: "Famous Men De Viris Illustribus St. Jerome Praise St. Pasjane as a man of high culture, Eloquent and saint. Pasjane became bishop, and lived till reached to old age, and was fertile in writing. We have not heard from his writings, but an article urging to repent, and a sermon on baptism, and three letters addressed to one of supervision called Sympronian before heresy Aleneuvatinyin [followers Novatiyan, the priest of a Roman in the third century and author of an important book in the triangulation, has split the Western Church on the impact of persecution Decios of the church (249 /250 A.D), while it did not hold heretical theologian, but he was petrified to accept penitents to the church when they belied Messiah, even if indirectly, by priests of Rome slackening and soft, carrying a sharp attack on the Bishop of Rome and attracted some bishops to his side .Order of Bishops of new and sent them to preach . Pope Dionysius of Alexandria condemned him on the split. by that his group is the whole holy church and those outside were infidels St. Pasjane words were famous: "My name is: Christian, but my title: university." departed on March 9 almost. 390 A.D.

Arabic biography source of: Pacian
Translated by: Fawzy Fayez
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