Agnatius the Theophoros St.

His rising up: He was born around the year 30 AD. It was said that he grew up in Syria. Some argue that he was the child that was carried by Jesus Christ presenting him as an example of humility (Mt. 18: 2-4). The apostles noticing his burning jealousy towards the Christian faith ordained him as a bishop of Antioch. here was debate in literature about who ordained him. Some people believe that the Apostle Peter ordained Evodius on the Jews who converted to Christianity and the Apostle Paul ordained Agnatius on the gentiles who When the first departed, Agnatius shepherded both the two sections of the Church. In any event, he was famous by his zeal for the salvation of souls and he gained the many nations for Christ. He was also characterized by deep love for his people as evidenced by his speak with the audience at a reception in Izmir during his trip to Rome that ended by his martyrdom. He asked them to pray for him. Putting the system for the praises and hymns: It was said that he saw in a vision the angels praising and glorifying the Holy Trinity. He transferred the system that he noted to the Antioch church, where it spread to the rest of the churches. His meeting with Trajan Trajan had heard about his zeal for the spread of Christianity , so he summoned him and engaged with him in a dialogue on the "Jesus the Crucified that ended by issuing the command that Agnatius; who said that his heart enclosed the Crucified to be led to Rome the Great. There he will be offered as sacrifice for predatorsí fierce, hat was to gratify the people. As the bishop heard that, he was s very excited for he had been for a long-time watching for this moment. He felt that the imperial order had offered him the greatest gift that had ever been provided to him. He knelt and cried joyfully: "Thank you, Lord, because you gave me my privilege to be full of love towards you, and allowed me to be chained like Your Apostle Paul ". When he said that he kissed the iron chains and beseeched God to preserve the Church, which the Lord has entrusted him to serve for about 40 years. His going to Rome: He went to Rome guarded by about ten soldiers, and accompanied by two of his church: Fillon and Ogatobos. The soldiers felt the peopleís love to him and their gathering around him when he left. They deliberately abuse him and treated with the utmost violence and cruelty, even though his kindness with them, and in spite of what the people paid to them asking for a gentle treatment towards their bishop. When they arrived at Smyrna, St. Boleikrbs the bishop of the city received him. Many delegations of the churches of Ephesus and Tralia and Magnezia came as well.He exploited the opportunity and wrote letters to these churches also wrote a letter to Rome as he heard that some insurers are making every effort to deprive him from the crown of martyrdom. This letter stated: [I am afraid that your love caused damage to me . I pray that donated to God as long as the altar is still ready . I ask you not to me further displaying the untimely, but let me be food for wild beasts, by which I donated puberty to God. I am bread to God. Leave me to be grinned by the teeth of beasts to become the grave for me. Do not leave anything of my body, I would not trouble any one, when the world is no longer sees my body. Iíll be a faithful disciple of Christ]. In Troas: He sailed in the ship sailed from Smyrna to Troas, where he wrote three messages "to Philadelphia, and Smyrna, andalso to St. Boleikrbs"Then he sailed from Troas to Neopolis, and then Phil, then Epirus and Tyrhene . And finally to Portus, where he met the brethren who expressed their grief mixed with joy to see that he was going to depart. He met all with love and asked them to show the true love and be encouraged. Then he fell to his knees and prayed to God to stop the wave of persecution of the Church, and to increase the love of the brethren to each other. Finally, the soldiers rushed him to the arena where he received the monsters reception gladly. The lions leapt upon him and did leave from his body except few bones. The believers gathered his holy relics and sent them to his church at Antakia. The Church commemorates his Memorial Day on the 7th of the month of Abib. Reference: Rev. Hegumom Tadros Yakoub : Martyrs Ignatius and Boleikrbs, 1964 May the blessings of his prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Agnatius the Theophoros St.
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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