Augustine St.

His origin: Augustine was born in the city Tajst, Cartagena from the county of Numidia, North Africa, on November 13, 354 A.D., and his father was a pagan having rude ethics, but his mother Monica was a Christian who patiently endured the evils of her husband and her mother in law . By her amazing patience she gained the joining of her husband to the Christian faith and was baptized before his departure. The main goal of his father was to see his son, a rich man, and intellectual. The gentile tutors did not care about the conduct of their students.The main goal of his father was to see his son, a rich man, and intellectual. Augustine was brought up as a careless person and he was inclined to laziness.When he reached six years old his father sent him to the Cartagena to develop his statementsí talents. There he met evil friends and became their leader and was proud of being evil and turned into a corrupted life spending most of his time in theaters. As for his studies he had embarked on the study of jurisprudence and laws and was eager to practice the legal profession and the judiciary. He had been involved in studying the Latin language and he even opened a school to teach the Latin literature while he was nineteenth years of age. Augustine was impressed by the doctrine of Cicero, and recites his book "Hortancios" which had a longing for chastity and the search for the right. Also he read the Holy Bible not in the spirit of faith and humility, but in pride.He switched off on himself and fell into the "Manichean." As his mother Monica, noticed that son had a wicked behavioral, and became a stumbling block for man, she expelled from her home, but only for a short period and then accepted him at home again. Her tears did not dry up crying for salvation of his soul. Saint Monica saw in a dream that she was standing on a piece of wood (a symbol of faith) full of depression. A boy with a splendorous shine stood in front of her and His face was radiating with joy while looking at her. Then he asked about the reason for her grief, and she replied. He told her: "attributable not be afraid, I guess your child is here with you" . Monica turned to find her son standing with them on stage, She trusted that God had granted what she had requested. In Rome in 382 AD he was instructed by his friends to travel to Rome to receive more glory and greater richness. His mother tried to rebuff but did not succeed. Insisting on travelling, she decided to accompany him. As he Insisted on traveling, she decided to accompany him. He defrauded her by saying that he was going to say farewell to a friend on the ship, and left, leaving her drowning in tears. In Milan: The Governor asked the Governor of Rome for a professor in statement. He sent Augustine. The Divine Providence arranged for him to meet with Saint Ambrose the Bishop of Milan. St Ambrose embraced him with his love and affection. Augustine liked him and admired his sermons. He was impressed by his teaching , and regularly attended to hear the sermons because of the strength of the statement, without interest in the spiritual food of the soul. He heard Saint Ambrose explaining the spiritual interpretations of the Old Testament, that the followers of Mani were ignoring. He as well heard his attack on the incorrect faith of the followers of Mani and other heretics. True light of truth began to unravel before him. Augustine knew then what of the Church of the signs of it from God: the Old Testament prophecies fulfilled, and the reflected spiritual perfection, and show miracles, and finally its spread despite suffering from perscution. Monica sailed to Milan to see her son and he told her about having left the Manichean, but without accepting the true faith. He was deeply engaged in the bodily desires and lust. He thought that keeping chastity was impossible. . Augustine began to read some books of Platonists, which were quoted by the Greek Victrjnos, They benefited him but had not taken him to the true faith. He returned to read the Bible particularly the epistles of Saint Paul especially in linking the Old Testament with the New Testament. Providence arranged a visit of Smbljans . He told him that he had started to read the Platonic philosophy in the books published by Victrjnos. Smbljans was pleased with that.Then Smbljans told Augustine that Victrjnos accepted the Christian faith with a virtuous spirit. His repentance: He started to feel jealous and was keen to follow him, but he was still a prisoner of the evil habits. He was visited by a true believer of s state high rank called Bncians. He found him with his friend Olibus some messages and of Saint Paul the Apostle. He thought that these areone of the philosophical books.But Augustine told him that he had for long being held only by the views in these epistles. They toured talking between them, until Bncians touched the biography of Saint Anba Antonios and how this affected by two of the superior title governemental officials and led them to the Christian Faith. This flamed the heart of Augustine and was jealous about how the ordinary illiterate did grab the kingdom while he, in spite of his high education and knowledge, still remained in abominations. After Pencjnos left Augustine went to the grove next to his house and went on the trunk of a fig and there were in front of him all his evils. he started screaming:."... a severe storm is attacking me, Oh till when, till when , is it forever? Do not let Your warth be upon us. Do not remeber our old sins. I feel that I have enslaved them. How long? How long? to tomorrow? Why not be now?I feel for at this time was a watershed for my sins" He wept bitterly. ... That was in 386 AD, reaching the age of 32 years old when his life changed and renewed by the grace of God, turning the evil burning power to a flammable love power towards God. Augustine returned to Olibus to go together to Monica to tell her that her prayers, which lasted nearly 30 years had been answered and the prophecy of St. Ambrose had been achieved, who had told her when he saw her crying " "Be patient O woman, it is impossible that the son of these tears will perish"Augustine by the grace of God left teaching statement, and devoted his life to reflect on the word of God and service the Lord. He lived an ascetic life along with his mother and his friend and his son Olibus Odyats (illegal) and some cousins and friends in Kasekaseyoum Cassiciacum near Milan, where he stayed six months ready to receive the sacrament of Baptism, in the beginning of forty days fasting on the year 387, he went to Milan and was baptized at the hands of Bishop Ambrose. The Departure of St. Augustine's mother(St Monica): Monica traveled with her son St Augustine, and brother, and were waiting to ship to return to their homeland, the mother was talking with Augustine declared that her mission had been achieved seeing him as a loyal servant of the Lord. Monica fell ill. After five days of high fever, she was unconcious.When she woke up, she asked her two sons, said: "Where I was? you will burry me here" After she said that, she handed her soul in the hands of God. In Rome and Africa After the departure of Saint Monica they decided to return to Rome, where St Augustine labored there to refute Manichaean heresy. From there he traveled to Africa, where he went to Cartagena and then to Tajst. Where he deployed all property and pulled the worship and meditation in the Word of God three years, and wrote a lot of books. Ordained as a priest: As he was visting an honest man in thecity of Hippo (now called Iibona work Numidia) the bishop ordained him as a priest, despite his attempt to reject ordination with tears. The bishop even make him preach more days a week. He was accommodated in a garden that belonged to the Church .He made it a monastery where it was occupied with monks filled with pious, also established convents of nuns under the management of his sister. Ordained as a bishop: On 395 AD,he was ordained as a bishop assistiant to the bishop Valeros which rejoice the hearts of believers, though heretics had grieved and rioting against the people and tried to kill him. He attended by order of King Oonrios an assembly in 421 AD that brought together 275 bishops and 279 of the believers. Donatists and Ejadlhm stood up as aggressors to the Orthodox faith. He strongly opposed them urging them to return to the correct Orthodox faith. His departure: At the age of 72, he appointed one of the priests to help hom in managing the church affairs willing to be his successor. His writings; His writings amounted to about 232 books, including the historical books such as "Confessions" and "impairment provisions", and philosophical essays such as "response to the academics" and "happy life", "immortality of the soul", "music" ... And also its dialectical against the Jews and Gentiles, and against the followers of Mani and against the Donatists against Albelagien against Aloorreganyen, also provided books in the interpretation of Genesis and the Psalms and the First Letter to John, the Sermon on the Mount and the agreement of evangelicals, and comments on the letter to the Galatians and the Epistle to the Romans and the Gospel of John. He also wrote books in Alenckiat and ethics Reference: Archbishop Jacob Tadros Malati: Sermon on the Mount. May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: Augustine St.
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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