Athnasius the Second The 28th Pope

He was a priest in Alexandria. He was characterized by his righteous life and Orthodox faith. He was ordinated as a Pope and sat the Archbishop chair after the pass away of Pope Peter the 3rd.He was called Athnasius Jenior to differantiate between him and Pope Athnasius Senior ( The Apostle). As a result of the decisions taken by the Caldonian Assembly, the Church was torn and divided. Pope Athnasius the 3rd joined with Caser Anstasius brought again peace among the Middle East congregation and in particular among the egyptian congregation. It deserves to brief the decisions and results of the Caldonian Assembly: 1-The 25th Alexandian Pope Discorios was sent overseas away from Egypt, as he insisted on his Orthodox faith that states " The LORD JESUS CHRIST IS ONE HYPOSTASIS and HAS ONE NATURE". We truely believe that HIS DIVINIT Parted not from HIS Humanity for a single moment or twinkling of an eye. HE Made HIS LIFE GIVING BODY ONE with HIS DIVINITY without mingling, without confusion and without alteration ( THe Confession-The Holy Basilic Liturgy). The Western Christian congregations had a wrong idea about the Orthodox faith. They wrongly thought that the Orthodox believe in ONE NATURE means that the Human NATURE of the LORD JESUS CHRIST vanishes in the DIVINE NATURE. They wrongly called the Orthodox ( The Otachians) and wrongly thought that the Orthodox are followers of heretic of Otachia. They wrongly thought that till just a short time ago. Pope Athnasius the 3rd live a calm peaceful life till he paased away on 20th Tout 229 (Coptic Calender). May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Athnasius the Second The 28th Pope
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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