father Abba Ari El Chtanofi Martyr

His origin: Father Abba Ari was a priest of the village Chatanof at the county of Pchati. Pcati is the Coptic name of "Niqios", Its place is now named Zaweeyat Razeen ( The angle of Razeen) affiliated to the Menof center, Its diocese was very old. He was characterized by his godly life, his great love of the parish of Christ. GOD Granted him the talent of expelling the devils and evil spirits out . While he was celebrating the Holy Eucharist he saw the angel of the Lord at the right of the altar. Facing persecution under Dqldjnos: The governor Bcati sent a group pf soldiers to summon Abba Ari. On his arrival he found the governor sitting at the court and discussing the Christians about their faith. The magistrate was surprised when he saw the priest as he felt his dignity. He asked him to sacrifice animals to the idol gods and he would reward him with great dignities. The Saint took a mockery of those promises, declaring his belief in Jesus Christ. The Saint was whipped violently and with cruelty, The Savior appeared to him saying : " Be brave My chosen father Ari in your good struggle. The great legacy is kept for you in the heavens sharing with all the saints for testimony and tortures you faced for the sake of My Name", Then the LORD JESUS CHRIST touched his body and all his wounds were all healed. Many saw this scene,heard the Divine talk and declared their faith in CHRIST, The magistrate got furious and ordered his imprisonment. The next day when he was summoned, they found him reciting and praising God in prison The magistrate ordered that he should be immersed in boiling oil tank and set fire beneath it. But God sent the Archangel Mikhail and delivered him. In Alexandria: The magistrate sent him to Armanios the ruler of Alexandria to separate him from his congregation and to avoid that he would attract many people in the region to accept the Christian faith. He was tortured and endured numerous suffering. As the prison guard noticed the work of the Grace of the LORD in that priest, he brought his blind son to him and asked him to pray for him while putting his hand on his head. The LORD Was Glorified and the eyes of the blind opened and he was able to see clearly. Armanios heard what happened, and how he attracted many of the pagans to the faith while he wasin prison. He summoned him and tortured him. He threw him in a flaming red hot fire and the Lord saved him again. The magistrate felt that he was humiliated. He ordered that Saint Ari should be beheaded.The Saint prayed lifting his arms, kneeled three times and presented his neck to the sword's man. This was in vicinity of Tatiadoron south of the city. After his departure Julius carried his body inn new coffins as requested by the Martyr himself, where he was received by praises of the people. The Church celebrates his martyrdom on the ninth of the month of Masri. May the Blessing of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: father Abba Ari El Chtanofi Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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