St Gregory the Monk

He was born in Upper Egypt, from a rich and pious parents,. They cared for his high education. He learned the eloquence and medicine, and studied the Church sciences. The bishop of the city, Anba Isaac, ordained him as a deacon. He was naturally inclined to the monastic life. He frequently visited St. Pachomius the father of the monastic shared life. Finally he joined the monks at the monastery and studied at the hands of St. Pachomius for thirteen years. As St. Macarius visited Saint Pachomius, St Gregory the Monk asked his spiritual father's permission to leave and he proceeded to Wadi El Natroon whre he stayed for 2 years. Then he asked St Macarius to give him the permission to stay in a cave to practice the ascetic life. He lived there for seven years. During that period he visited St Marcarius twice yearly at the Glorified Nativity and Resurrection feasts. Finally, three days before his departure an Angel appeared and told him the time fixed for his departure. He called the elders of the monastery and said farewell to them asked them to pray for him and departed in peace. The Church celebrates his departure in on the twenty-fourth of the month of Tut.

Arabic biography source of: St Gregory the Monk
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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