The thirty ninth Pope Agathon

His life: The word "Ogathu" or "Agathon" means "Good". This was a good father as his name denoted. Agathon grew up in the Marriott district loving the life of contemplation with open heart towards the service. When the Pope, Benjamin (38) Was forced to disappear because of the troubles he faced from the Almlkanyen (The Romanians). Priest Agathon masked his real identity and dressed as a carpenter carrying carpentry tools in public. He exercised the duties of his priesthood and pastoral service secretly. He encouraged the congregation to endure the troubles and offered to them the Eucharist and other holy sacraments. When the Pope Benjamin returned after the Arabs entered Egypt he appointed the priest Agathon as his private secretary. He met with Secretary-rights in his sincere service to his Church and welfare of the people. Pope Benjamin fell sick and stayed in bed for nearly two years .The priest Agathon was disposed in managing the church. The congregation admired for his honesty and his kindness and compassion. His ordination and sitting as the patriarch: When Pope Benjamin (38) departed, he was elected a patriarch (Pope). As he found a large number of Italian prisoners from the Rome and Sicily he offered money as a ransom, and left to them the freedom to choose to remain in Egypt or to return to their country. During his reign a man named Theodoros, who was affiliated to the Church of Almlkanyen (The Romanians), traveled to Damascus and went to the Khalifa Zayd bin Moaweya, and gave him a large sum of money to grant him authority of ruling over Alexandria and Marriott. When he returned to Alexandria he annoyed Pope Agathon, asking him annual tribute and the payment of all expenditure of the sailors in the fleet. The Pope was forced to commit to stay in his cell day and night as Theodoros demanded from his followers that any one who found the Pope should stone and kill him, but the Pope did not stop praying for him and did not stop his work. He ordained priests of godly behavior who feared the LORD and sincerely served the Church. He was taking care of the spiritual needs of the congregation from his cell. His departure: He departed in 677 AD after he stayed on the Patriarch (Papal) chair for 17 years. Theodore rushed to close the doors of the Patriarchate (Diocese) and sealed it with red wax. The congregation was quite disturbed with that act. The laymen (The elders of the Church) took refuge to the magistrate of Sakha, who intervened and lift the burden of the congregation. But God did not neglect it (I have the revenge, says the LORD) hit Theodoros with edema and he died amid his pain. The Church celebrates his departure on the 16th of the month of Baba. May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us Amen.

Arabic biography source of: The thirty ninth Pope Agathon
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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