Pastor and Justus the Martyrs

Two young pupils, Justus, was thirteen years old and his brother Pastor at nine, lived during the reign of Diocletian, Maximian and his partner, who fueled the flames of persecution in every location in the empire. Those two pupils were in the city elementary school Compltum (called later Acala de Henares) when Dasian the ruler of Spain is creative in torture the Christian as the order of emperors. The students see how Christians tolerate the sufferings, some wicked were eager to see the oppressed, others were afraid when they hear the stories of the martyrs, as the two pupils listening to such stories, each said to his brother that he would like to obtain a share in the crown of martyrdom. They could not bear to delay, and did not set off to their parents or one of their relatives or even to the church, but threw their school books and rushed to the scene as if they were afraid to miss their opportunity. In other ardent fans stormed the two pupils to stand before a judge declare their faith in the strength and courage amazed all those present. Astsgrha the governor did not respond too to enter into a dialogue with them, but is beaten them with whips, they would not be thinking of they would tolerate for long time, but their courage impressed all, and the governor felt ashamed, shame, and saw how fans are sympathetic with them, Ordered to cut off their heads immediately

Arabic biography source of: Pastor and Justus the Martyrs
Translated by: Fawzy Fayez
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