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Agathus or Acacius from Kapadokia was martyred during the reign of Emperor Djeclianos between 303, 305 AD. He was a commander of a hundred in the army. He endured together with seventy-seven of his Christian colleagues much of the suffering for adhering to the Christian faith. He was tried before at a court in Firmus, Bernthus, and Thrice before judge Bibienus who had the reputation of being extremely violent. He was taken in chains to Byzantium, where he was scourged in public and finally beheaded. Constantinople included three churches in his name, "St. Okekeus", one established in the era of Constantine the Great, has been named the church of the "Nutsí tree" as the tradition stated that the Saint was allegedly connected to the Nutís tree as it was this tree where he was hanged upon and beaten with whips The Western Church commemorates his Memorial Day on May 8th. Reference: Butler `s Lives of Saints, May 8 May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

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