Martyr Agathangelos 1

The word "Ogathangelos" Agathangelus is composed of two words "Ogathu" means "favor" and "Angeles" means "Angel". It is the name of the martyr, "The good angel ". He was also called "Ogatios" and also "Okekeus" Acacius. It was said that he was bishop of Antioch in Bisidip, although some said that he was the bishop of the city of Melitene at minor Armenia. It was His heart was inflamed with jealousy for the Christian faith. He did not stop his spiritual work and care for the congregation. He was summoned to the magistrate Martian. The bishop declared that the Christians were loyal subjects of the emperor, praying for him regularly. When the magistrate asked him to worship the emperor he refused, and was engaged with him in a long-religious dialogue. Martian accused him of witchcraft, and asked him the names of his assistant magicians. The bishop replied that he was not a magic man, and that Christians abhor magic. As the magistrate threatened him, the bishop showed his faith in God the Father who delivers his believers from death. As the magistrate began to insist on asking about a list of the names of the Christians, in the spirit the Bishop replied: "I am under trial and you ask me about the names of other If you cannot overcome me, do you think you can overcome the others?! You want the names, okay! I am called Okekeus, and am famous by the name Ogathangelos! Do what you want " Okekeus was thrown in jail and a report was sent to the emperor Dekeus (249 - 251), who got furious when he read the report. It had been said that he got the amnesty in special circumstances, but he cited and got the crown of martyrdom. Reference: Butler, S. Lives of Saints, March 31st. May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Martyr Agathangelos 1
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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