The Chaste Martyr Agathe

One of the martyrs of the third century who endured a lot of sufferings because of her a lot of love for Jesus Christ and her Virtuous life as a Virgin for His sake. Has been found of two churches had been built in Rome on her behalf dated back to the sixth century AD. Her inception: Most probably she was born probably in the city of Palermo on the island of Sicily and her Martyrdom was in city of Catania on the same island. This chaste Saint (virgin) was marked with the subtle beauty, virtuous life and originated from an honorable family. The pagan governor of the island Quintian heard about her. So he wanted to marry her, He was famous of being evil. But she cried in her prayers, saying:"O Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, You see the inside of my heart and You know my desires towards You. You completely own me as I am. I am one of your flock. Make me to eligible to overcome the Satan (The Adversary) Her persecution: As Caesar Dekeus (Decios) issued his orders for the persecution of Christians, the Governor found a chance to break what was in the heart of the Virgin Agathe and forcing her to deny her Lord Jesus Christ. The ruler handed this virgin Saint to an evil woman called Oferdossia, who opened her home and her six daughters to prostitution, Agathe was at this point crying day and night, and when the woman were trying to tempt her by the words of the evil , the virgin stopped her by saying: "I think your tongue is the tongue of the devil in your heart, not the resident of the tongue of a woman. " The woman tried to threaten the virgin about the tortures prepared by the ruler for her if she did not leave and abandon her Christian faith. But Agathe was established in the faith and chastity. She remained a full month in the brothel Then Oferdossia went to the governor to tell him about this firm chaste Saint (virgin). The magistrate summoned her and then tried to deceive her by treating her gently and promising her with many rewards at first. But she did not heed the words, and when he threatened her she did not tremble. The governor ordered to cut off her breasts, so the Western Church used to image this chaste Saint( virgin) carrying 2 breasts on a plate. She was thrown in jail after her breasts were cut off without food or treatment. It was said that the Lord sent St. Peter (Boutros) to the prison so divine light filled all the jail. This scared the guards and they fled. Agathe was healed by the LORD but she did not escape. She was called by the ruler and ordered to throw her in a flaming fire to be burned. While she tolerated the pain an earthquake occurred, and two of those who were torturing her died. She was thrown again in jail, where she prayed and delivered her soul in the hands of our Lord Jesus. The Greek Church celebrate her memorial day on the February 6th while the Latin Church celebrates her on February 5th. May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN

Arabic biography source of: The Chaste Martyr Agathe
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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