Agabios Martyr

During the reign of Emperor Djecladinos and Maximjnos, as Yosabios the Caeserian wrote to us that the latter wanted to celebrate his birthday, he found in the torture of Christians a delightful entertainment that introduced joy in the hearts of the pagans. He offered Martyr Agabios and his sister Tekla to the suffering. Yosabios wrote: [in the fourth year of the persecution against us, the day XII before the first of December, the first day of the month of Dios, the day before the Sabbath, and the cruel Maximjnos while celebrating his birthday in quite a luxury manner , the following incident took place in the city of Kayseri, which was worthy of codification. According to the old practice, when the emperor came they presented to the viewers the most attractive scene. Instead of the regular review of the animals brought in from India, Ethiopia or elsewhere, or instead of sports, which surprised the spectators. As the emperor himself was the one who would head the presentation, he must provide what was more surprising. What might that be? He brought one of the defenders of our Christian faith, who endured the tortures for the sake of the one and only true religion. He was ordered that he should stay in the middle, and he endured the pain for the only true religion, that was Agabio and his sister Takla who was provided as food for the predators. He was called from the prison to the theater three times or more, accompanied with three criminals, and every time he was maintained for another struggle after the judge threatened him with a variety of torments and was retained by either pity or hope to change his mind. At last time, as the emperor was present, as has been retained for this opportunity to fulfil the word of the SAVIOR that was sent to His messengers, that they must be brought to the Kings for his testimony (Matta, Mt 10: 18). As Barabas in the days of the sufferings of our Savior voices filled the theater yelling and cheering as the emperor forgave and qualified him for freedom and dignity. While Agabios who wrestled for the faith, was first called was first called and promised that he would be freed if he denied his Christian faith. But the Saint cried loudly that he would be happy to endure all what faced him. . Having said this he rushed to meet a bear that they launched to attack him. After that he still remained alive. They threw him in prison. As he lived another day they tied stones on his feet and drown him in the sea. That was what Yosabios the Caeserian wrote about Saint Agabios who deserved face suffering and death like HIS Master our LORD , while the maltitude screamed to demand amnesty for the killers and criminals. What is the greatest is that was when he rushed to meet the bear to see the heavens open and God's hands were welcoming receiving him., It was not the view of death and deprivation, but the view of resurrection and satisfaction in the Lord Reference: Yosabios the Caeserian; The Martyrs of Palestine. May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us AMEN

Arabic biography source of: Agabios Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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