Aghapy The Virgin Martyr

Coptic Church celebrates the martyrdom of the sister virgins Ireni, Aghapy, Sionia and Chionia on the eighth month of Baramuda. These virgins were virtuous lovers of the LORD Jesus Christ. They were united together with their strong love for the LORD, d were attending one of the convents of the in Tsaloniki, their town. They were happily engaged in imitating the monastic life of the nuns. life As Diclinous and his partner Maximos raised the persecution against the Christians these virgins fled to the mountain. They carried the prayers' books that they had from the monastery, took shelter in a cave and continued their ascetic monastic life. An elderly woman visited them once a week to provide them with their needs, and to sell on their behalf the work of their hands, and the money that remained after buying their needs , she gave it as a charity . Once a wicked man saw her. He thought that she was hiding valuables in the mountain. He followed her from a distance till he knew the location of the cave. He entered there where he found the brides of Christ Praying. He chained and delivered them to the magistrate. The magistrate asked them about their belief they declared that they were Christians and that they were followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. He mocked them and required them to eat the slaughter that was offered to the idols. They refused. Then the magistrate brought all the Christian books that belonged to these sisters and burned them in front of everyone The sisters also met with the emperor and he had with them the following dialogue: “Aghape” "O honored emperor, it is your business to look after your nation, pay attention to the states and take care of the army, but you do not have any right to speak against the Living God, Who without HIM you can do nothing ". Here, the magistrate asked Chionia " Do you agree on what your sister said, surely she is foolish ?!" Chionia answered: "My sister is in the completeness of understanding, rightly she refused the evil offerings ". Then he turned to Ireni the youngest one and told her to be the wisest of the three sisters. She replied that she accepted what her sisters said even if it was crazy. Hence Djiclianosis ordered that they should be imprisoned. St Anastsia visited , and comforted them . As Djiclianosis went to Macdonia he summoned for them and was highly impressed and felt passion towards them due to their beauties. He delivered them to Dolcitius the magistrate. The prisons were overcrowded and so he confined them in the kitchen, and came at night to ensure their presence, the kitchen was dark. He heard them chanting Psalms, and as he was drunk he thought that he grabbed one of them. But he found himself wrongly clutching a black dirty vessel. In the morning the magistrate summoned for them scourged them after ordering that they should be naked. As he stayed awake all night, he dozed before implementing the verdict. In vain his men tried to awake him. When Djiclianosis heard what had happened he ordered that their trial should be conducted by a high society man, named Siscenios, who threw the two sisters Aghape and Chionia in a flaming fire. He threatened the youngest Ireni to send Irene to send her to the brothel. She did not fear the threat and assured him that she would not abandon her LORD, and HE will protect her from any evil or corruption. Finally, they aimed and hit her with an arrow and she delivered her soul with her two sisters and all received the wreath (crown) of martyrdom. Reference: Rev. Baring/ Gould: Lives of the Saints, April 3. The Virgin martyred Virgin Aghabi: (There are many martyrs named Aghape who were virgins). May the Blessings of their prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Aghapy The Virgin Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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