Isaac El Dafrawi Martyr

His inception: St Isaac El Dafrawi was born in the town of Dfra affiliated to Tanta county. He lived a virtuous godly life. St. Isaac reached his twenty fifth year old when emperor Dijkladios started the persecution. While he was asleep in the field with the farmers when he saw a vision of the Angel of the LORD saying to him: "Peace to you, Isaac man of God; why are you sleeping while the struggle is present. The angel showed him a crown. The heart of the Saint flamed up with desire for martyrdom. At sunrise, the young man( The Saint) said farewell to his parents, and told them that he would head towards the city of Towa affiliated to the county of Biba in Upper Egypt. They forbidden him to leave. At midnight the whole house was full of fluorescent light , and then the Angel appeared and encouraged Isaac to start his trip and to supplement his heart yearning. On the spot Isaac left heading to Towa.---------- His martyrdom: St. Isaac met the magistrate of Towa and he declared his Christian belief in a strong and courageous manner. The magistrate threatened him and ordered his imprisonment till he came back from Nikios. One of the soldiers escorted Isaac to the jail. On the way they met a man who was blind. Isaac cried to the LORD and by the blessings of his prayer the eyes of the blind opened. The accompanying soldier converted to Christian faith. When the magistrate returned the soldier declared his belief in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. He gladly delivered his neck to be beheaded by the sword and joyfully receive the crown of martyrdom. The magistrate was furious and designed to subject Isaac to all kinds of suffering. He sent him to the magistrate of Al Behnasa to torture him. While on board of the ship he requested from one of the sailors a sip of water. He drank and left a little. He prayed and sprinkled the blessed water on the eye of the sailor who was one eyed. His blind eye opened. The boatman gained his eye's sight and saw every thing clearly the same as he was seeing with his other healthy eye. The meeting with the magistrate of Behnasa: The magistrate of Behnasa started the meeting by gently trying to convince St Isaac to abandon his Christian faith. But he did not succeed. So he started to torture him. It happened that Ariana was wondering around to enjoy annoying the Christians and watching them during their torturing. suffering of the Christians. When he met Bkljnos the magistrate of Behnasa, the latter informed him about Isaac El Dafrawi Isaac, and told him what happened with him. He took the Saint to enjoy his turn in torturing him. He escorted him to Onsana and continued torturing him. This did not work. So he send him to the city Towa where they beheaded the Saint Some of the faithful, and carried his body, and came to his home town Dfra. They honorably buried him there. and built a church in his name. The Coptic Church celebrate the memorial of his martyrdom on 6th of Bashans and the commoration ofthe church built after his name on the 6th of Toba. May the Blessings of his prayers be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Isaac El Dafrawi Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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