Astirius St.

Yosabios the Cesearian wrote to us about the martyrdom of Marinos the army commander from Cesearia, Palestine territory, who was executed by an order of the judge Okallio. Astirius attended the trial and he showed jealousy by his unique boldness. Yosabios wrote : "keep the memory of Astirius due to his unique daring in this area". He was a Romanian and had a chair at the Council of Elders, was a beloved of the emperors and known to everyone because of his honor and wealth. As he attended the death of the above mentioned martyr he carried his body on his shoulder and dressed his body with an expensive gown and insured a decent burial for him. One of the Friends of the men, who were still alive mentioned many other facts about him {The history of the Church by Yosabios (7 : 16)}. Unfortunately, Yosabios did not state to us anything about what he heard concerning this noble faithful man who did not care about his status as a member of the senate's council, nor his friendship with the emperors by carrying on his shoulders the body of a martyr who was executed according to the law cited by the Romanians. The Latins( Western countries) commemorate his memorial day on March 3 together with Martyr Marino, while Greece commemorate him on August 3 as a Martyr. as it was said: "Astir accepted the reward of honor of the martyr by becoming himself a martyr”" Some believe that his Martyrdom was not by the spilling of blood, a martyr, but by declaring his faith and recognition of Jesus Christ while honorably carrying the body of the martyr Marinos in the center of the square amid the latter's death. An action that surely could subject him to be executed as a Martyr.

Arabic biography source of: Astirius St.
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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