Astirius Martyr

The three brothers named Claudius, Astirius and Neon gained the crown of the martyrdom during the reign of Lysias, the magistrate of Cilicia who was known by his enormous hatred and severe violence towards the Christians. Also Martyred with these two brothers were 2 women named Domnina and Thiwnila and the son of the last was still a kid.. During his reign the two doctor brothers St Cosman and St Demian gained the crown of the martyrdom as well. These three brothers were delivered to the authorities when their step mother reported them as Christians to inherit their property. Lysias summoned brother Claudius and entered in the following dialogue with him: “Well, what's your name? - Claudius - Do not be stupid and lose your life in your youth, sacrifice to the gods and escape from the suffering that had been prepared for you if you refused. - God do not require such sacrifices. Rather, He is pleased by the donations and the sanctity of life-Your gods are evil spirits that go to such offerings, while the penalties for those who exercised this are the eternal. - Let him be chained and beaten as there is no way other than this for him to return to his senses. - If you treat me with the most severe and violent sufferings you can not hurt me or covert my faith- By the order of the emperors all the Christian must sacrifice to our gods, and who refuse have to be punished, and those who obey are rewarded. - These are temporary and transient rewards, the recognition of Jesus Christ grant us the eternal glory-The magistrate ordered that he should be subjected to torture-The martyr said "Your fire or other torturing techniques can not injure those who fear God, but will lead them to eternal life". Then the magistrate ordered the tightening of the punishment. But Claudius said: "I find it useful to suffer for the sake of God, and it is a great joy to die for Jesus Christ". Lysias threw him in jail and summoned another Christian, , They brought Astirius where he dialogue with him-Accept my advice and sacrifice to the gods, here you see before your eyes what is prepared for those who refuse. - There is One God, who art in heaven and with His Almighty Strength watch even the smallest things; My parents have taught me to love and worship Him, but I do not know these that you claim as gods and you worship with them-Tore up his sides and force him to sacrifice to the gods. - I am the brother of the one that you just questioned , and we both agreed to provide the same recognition; You have a control over my body, but I you will not reach my soul - Bring the two dogs, the wheels, fasten his feet and torture him so that he knows that I can torture him. Put coal simmering under his feet, and whip his back and his belly. Finally he threw him in jail and summoned their younger brother Neon, whom he called "my son" and was talking with him gently. As he also stood firm, he tortured him inside an iron cupboard to dismember his body, and inserted red-hot coal over his whole skin and whipped his back. As the magistrate failed to force them to deny their Christian faith, he ordered that the three brothers should be crucified out of the city, leaving their bodies to be eaten by the wild birds. Reference: Butler S. Lives of Saints, Aug. 23 May the blessings of their prayers Be with all of us AMEN

Arabic biography source of: Astirius Martyr
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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