Asterius the Sophist

He was named the Sophist due to his prior profession before accepting the Christian faith, as he was a speaker and a philosopher. He became a disciple of Okien the Antioch. During the persecution at the reigning of Maximanus the teacher got the crown of martyrdom but Asterius denied the faith. Therefore Pope Athanasius called him the one who offered pagan sacrifices. He attended the Antioch assembly in 341 m, and was an advocate for Arios. He was perhaps the first Arian theological writer. His writings revealed the aim and the ideology of the Arian theological school. His writing susing a deceptive and cautious manner, revealed interests , aims and ideology of the Arian theological school . His most famous short article "Syntagmation" was lost. What was left from his article was what was quoted by Pope Athanasius and Bishop Marcelios of Ankara. Another article that was also missing is the Refute what Marcelios said". He wrote also comments on the epistle to the people of Rome( Romans), the Gospels and the Psalms ". He died a year after the year of 341 A.D. Quasten: Petrology; vol 3, p 194- 7 The translator: I believe that this man is not counted aone of our Church fathers as he was an Arian and had blasphemy thoughts.

Arabic biography source of: Asterius the Sophist
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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