Austerius Bishop of Amasea

One of the Cabadok fathers is the Bishop of Amasya, Austerius ( Austerivs) at Bentus . He was a contemporary of the Bishop of Oiconiah, Omvelijos and the great three Cabadokian fathers. That is to say the Saints : St Basilios the great, St Gregory Alnezenze and Bishop of Nissa St Gregory. We do not know much about his life, but only what he wrote to us about himself. His teacher was an imminent Skithi or Gusi tutor. Concerning his writings, some of the preaches of Osteros the Arian Alsoaftai were eroneously attributed to him. But he had 16 strong sermons. His moral speech number 11 on January first 400 AM. about the martyrdom of Saint Oufemia has a special significance in the history of art. He described the virtual martyrdom of this Saint and compared this to the work of Oovranor and Timomajos. In his sermons he focused on honoring the Saints and their holy remains and warned against exaggeration and falling in worshiping. One of his sayings was "We keep their bodies in decent coffins as precious token, as containers for blessings, as organs of their pure souls and as graves for their holy minds. We put ourselves under their protection in the Lord. The martyrs defend the Church as soldiers defending the castle. We do not worship the martyrs by any means but we honor them as they were the true worshipers of God " Reference: Quasten: Petrology, vol 3, pp 300, 301. May the Blessings of his prayers Be with all of us AMEN.

Arabic biography source of: Austerius Bishop of Amasea
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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