Bademus Martyr

Father, St. Bademius became a martyr around the year 376 AD, in the persecution of Shapur the king of the Persians. This father grew up in the city of Bethlapat, and was a pious man, a loneliness lover, has established a monastery with many monks included, as this father had earned a great reputation for his holiness. During the reign of Shapur II was arrested with seven of his monks, and they were beaten daily and thrown into a dark prison. At the same time they arrested a man named Christian Nursan works in the royal court, this man saw such torments and suffers , he collapsed, and denying his master, The king wanted to test the sincerity of his intention by requesting him to kill Bademus by sword. Indeed, grabbed the sword and he raised hand to hit Bademus his hand paralyzed, then the father blamed him, saying: "O Nursan, what is this evil that had befallen the violent so you are not only denying God, but kill his servants?" The seduction of the king to the man hardened his heart and tried to hit many times with the sword and the hand of God prevents him perhaps he would repent, as his insisted on that the Lord allowed him, to beat Bademus, injuring the father Bademus causing a fatal wound, he obtained the crown of martyrdom on , April 10.

Arabic biography source of: Bademus Martyr
Translated by: Fawzy Fayez
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