Abraam , the Bishop

Leader, the English writer he heard about Egyptian bishop when he was at France , so he traveled to Egypt hurry with his wife to meet him and he wrote a complete chapter about his life . This elder saint , the Eastern world know him well and realize that he is the direct successor to the original Christians chain . His wife said about this meeting that we were on Jesus Christ attendance and we filled with God spirit . His early life : he born in Gilad , this is the district of Dayrout Parish in 11829 from righteous parents by the name of Bouls Gabriel . he retained the psalm and learned the holly book while he was young . His heart filled with God love so he went to saint Mary, the virgin monastery (El-Muharrak) and ordained a monk by the name of Paul El-Makarrie in 1848. Abba Yakoubous , the bishop of El-Meniah summoned him to the services he turned the archbishopric to be the shelter for poor people , he ordained to be the priest for 4 years in 1863. and because of his liked the monastic life , he came back to his monastery which he ordained to be the abbot of the monastery . youngest people came to him to learn from himand they become monks , they were 40 monks . When he opened the monastery to all the poor and gave them what the monastery own , some monks got resentful and deposed him and sought him to leave the monastery so the priest Bauls and his students got out of the monastery because they loved the poor. They went to the saint Mary monastery El- Baramous at El –Natroun Valley . over there he devoted all his time for worshiping and studying holly book . In 1881 he ordained in episcopate for El –Fayyoum , Banne sueaf and El Giza by the name of Abba Abraam so he turned the bishop residence to be the poor home , he was the Poor’s friend . He donated the first floor of his home for the poor ,the blinds and the patients . he accompanied the poor while they were eating their daily food to see their food by himself that It is good . when one of the poor entered to him he laid his hand under his pillow and gave him what he own and if he didn’t find anything he gave him his gown or his scarf and he has more stories on it . Saying about him that when the rich Coptic in the parish saw that the metropolitan not suitable , they agreed to renovation it so they gave him what they collected from money . in the end when they asked him to set an appointment with the contractor he looked at them and said (I already built my sons, I built for you in the heaven ) One story saying that because he was so kind , there were three friends wanted to profiteer his love to the poor , so they send two of them and told him that our third friend died and we didn’t have money to entomb him , when the bishop said to him (he dead….) They answered (yes, he dead………) the bishop gestured his head and gave him the money and said to them (take it and entomb him ) so they went laughing , but their laughing turned quickly to crying because they found their friend has been dead already More people who they stay next to his room said that he was standing in the midnight till daylight praying the psalm and he was stopping when he said (create in me a clean heart ,O God and renew a right spirit in my inward parts) and said it more than time with faith prayer. All people confessed that his prayers was very strong even when he was elder . Mr.Leader said (I didn’t hear prayer like this at all my life , I felt that he has a relationship with the heaven , this prayer felt the people with the stability forever. It seemed to me that the land has gone to leave this man in the attendance of God to talk to him . ) We will not be exaggerate if we say that the hundreds or thousands of miracles were performed through his prayer His asceticism : he was very poor in his clothes and food , controlled himself away from any sensuality . one day he was craved to eat Chicken so he sought his assistant to cook it for you after he prepared it to him , the father prayed and sought to bring it again to him tomorrow and this action happened again in the second, third and forth day without eating till the food got rotten then he said to himself (eating my soul from what you craved to ) His humility : Mr.Leader said ( he didn’t allow any deacon to pray the bishop hymns while he was reading the bible ) he didn’t preferring himself but he set at any chair like his congregation , and he was very happy when his sons called him our father the bishop and never allowed anybody to call him our mister. When the lord Sergios (Nicola’s uncle , the Russia Caesar) visited him with his wife in 1868 , the country met them formally and Coptic rich tried to buy a new furniture to the bishopric residence but he refused that and when the visitors visited him , they bowed , while the father was setting on the chair praying to him , they gave to him pocket of golden pounds but he excused and in the end he tool just one pound and gave it to his assistant Rizk . The lord went and said that he didn’t feel in his life with this holly like his feeling when he was standing in the front of Abba Abraam Gospel Bishop : Abba Isezors said that he was expert at the holly book and he retained texts from it very well and he read the holly book once a time every 40 days he met his congregation every day to pray and study the bible with them . Cast out the devils : Leader, the writer said (the bishop power to cast out the devils got more people came to him from all the place more than any gifts he own ) His departure : before his death , he summoned Abel EL Sayd ,the priest and many of deacon to pray the psalms outside his room and asked him to didn’t open his room before half an hour . when they opened the door he found that the father dead . It known that Mr.Soliman , the mayor in Baounah 3rd 1914 said to his wife (may be the Coptic bishop dead ……..look how the horses and the riding who they circled him , they crying Ecouab Ecouab …) then he went and met one of the Christian and asked him (what does Ecouab mean?) so this Coptic answered it means Holly and this is the holly spirit hymns Abba Abraam monastery in EL Fayyoum till now and his body on it is the reason for the benison for many . May his prayers be with us and glory be to God forever Amen

Arabic biography source of: Abraam , the Bishop
Translated by: Sally (Godservant)
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