21st. of the Coptic month

Today all Coptic celebrate Virgin Marys feast. But today is special because we remember Virgin Marys miracle to Mityas the apostle when he was a prisoner and prayed to God to release him, God sent His mother Virgin Mary to release him by transferring the bars of the prison to water.

This miracle happens to us daily when we ask the intercession of Virgin Mary. She transfers our sadness to happiness, our despair to hope, and our doubts to facts .Not only Mityas was a prisoner but we are also prisoners to the devil, to sin, to doubts, to despair and to habits.

Virgin Mary is the mother of all humanity. She is the mother of those who are suffering and have no one to help them but her .Shes the mother of those orphans who have no mother, She takes care of them and become both an earthly and a heavenly mother for them.

Whenever I do anything wrong , Im always sure that She will forgive me and help me getting over my mistakes and my weakness .I can easily imagine myself sitting in her lap and my head is leaning over her chest and crying over my weakness , problems and ingratitude .

Im sure that this is Virgin Marys image in the heart of everyone who tasted her sweetness , love , tenderness , motherhood ,strength and of course her support and intercession in every moment of our lives .
Mother of light Mother of delight
Before my sight youre the light
Youre the dove Symbol of love

Engy Magdy Ziada







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