Christ is the solution


The most important verse for me is < Put all your troubles on the Lord and He will sustain you > through our lives we face a huge number of problems. Of course, some of these problems can be easily solved by thinking of some solutions. But some others donít. Here is the problem, but with Jesus, no problem.


Christianity is based on hope for redemption and eternal life. However, the majority of us think that it is the end of the world when they face a difficult problem. Iím not afraid to say that these people are morons , because if they had ever read the Bible they will know that God is not leaving us alone in this world , but He is holding our hands and we are His dearest children , we are the reason why he came and humiliated Himself to save us .


Take it from me, if you face a difficult problem, do the following:

1-                       Do not panic. Stay alone or with your family or friends. Try to think of the reasons of the problem. Donít be disappointed if you didnít reach any solutions.

2-                       Think of all the gifts that God has given to you and be thankful. Make sure that He will never leave you alone. Then try to find out if you made God angry with you because of any thing you did. If you knew the reason, pray at once and ask for Godís forgiveness and help.

3-                       Donít expect quick results because <Every thing has a specific time under Heaven > so you donít know when it is suitable for your problem to be solved. But donít lose hope in God.

4-                       Ask for Virgin Maryís help and the intercessions of saints and martyrs.

5-                       Last but not least. Be sure that God will be glorified in your life.

God is here                                      Nothing to fear

Youíre His dear                              Make this clear



Written by :

Engy Magdy Ziada








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