Love in its first and deepest image
The Divine love

When God created the globe, He created Man on his image and He put him on the top of all creatures .Then Man was ungrateful and disobeyed God. Thatís when the original sin took place. God decided to let Man handle the responsibility of his mistakes. But the essence of God is LOVE, so He decided to come and save us from the hell thatís is waiting for us to be with Him in The Heaven of God . He was humiliated on the cross for our sake. But what we do in return, I tell you what we do:
We donít want to contact Him through praying to Him.
We ignore His existence in our life by saying <whatís special about our life, we donít have ÖÖ for example> I let you write what you complain about.
We always try to depend on our lousy minds though He said to us < put all your troubles on me and Iíll take care of you.>
We only think about ourselves and our pain in life ,but we donít think about Godís pain and bitterness.

REMEMBER: Itís never too late to ask for Godís mercy and forgiveness .Itís never too late to love your ENEMY ,your friend , your brother and even your lover . We are made of LOVE .We are saved by LOVE . We are breathing LOVE .Be sure that LOVE will win , will prevail ,and will SUCCESS .




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