Star signs


22 December – 20 January

Their basic impulses are to organise ,systematise , formulate and structure. They are patient and perserving and they can put up with hardship and frustrations. They like to plan carefully and coolly so that their ambitions can be achieved and they don’t expect success to come  quickly . They're cool and calculating and they can be too severe and demanding . They tend to worry unnecessarily and be pessimistic .They’re suspicious of new ideas and inventions .They’re faithful, serious and resourceful . They like the security of a fixed routine , can be somewhat shy and enjoy solitude .



21 January – 19 February

Their basic impulses are to reform , to create and to understand . They are thinkers and full of unusual , even eccentric ideas to change the world . They put intense energy into their cause but they can be dogmatic and even fanatical . They can be rudely tactless and touchy but they are broad – minded and inventive . They’re friendly but people never know what’s going to happen next when they’re around and they sometimes find it difficult to get close to people . They tend to be impractical and are tremendously likeable , but they resent criticism .



20 February – 20 March

Their basic impulses are to submerge themselves for the sake of others . They are compassionate and sympathetic . They cry easily and can’t bear to see suffering . They are sensitive and emotional . They’re sometimes indecisive and they can be temperamental and careless . They tend to get confused easily . They’re artistic and rather impractical . They’re escapists and lack ambition and are not competitive . They are good in jobs that require imagination and they don’t like hurting other people . They can be absent-minded . They are lovable and adoring .



21 March – 20 April

Their basic impulses are to assert themselves and to initiate events . They are impulsive and impatient . They’re pioneers and they want quick results . They think quickly and they’re quick – witted but they’re not rational or philosophical . They like to plan ahead but they tend to overlook details and don’t foresee problems . They’re perfect leaders but they can be bullies and tend to be thoughtless and inconsiderate . They’re not very thorough . They’re fearless and always ready to accept a challenge . They are

punctual,walk fast and don’t like being told what to do . They don’t brood over their failures .



21 April – 21 May

Their basic impulses are to make things clear , to be comfortable and to construct . They are practical ,       reliable and steadfast . They love good food and comfort . They have strong feelings and tend to be self –centered . They need security and possessions . They’re patient, metholodical and stable but they can be stubborn and resent being contradicted . They only work hard if they are enjoying what they are doing and they hate change . They are musical and good at gardening . They are slow to anger and can be bitter

enemies . They have great warmth and this makes them loved . 



22 May – 21 June


Their basic impulses are to communicate, to make connections and satisfy their cruiosity . They are adaptable ,versatile and communicative . They’re always on the go, talking and finding things out . They’re good at languages and mentally agile . They’re light- hearted and don’t take things seriously . Their moods can swing suddenly and sometimes they can be incosistent and people may think they are  two-faced . They don’t like hard monotonous  work . They love variety and change . They're witty and can’t stand waiting .



22 June – 23 July

Their basic impulses are to provide security , to protect and to bring out the best in people . They need to feel safe and secure . They like to stay in one place and they are not keen travelers . Their moods change quickly and they sometimes appear to be aggressive , but under the surface they are sentimental . They have long memories , like to live in the past and hate to throw anything away . They’re artistic , imaginative and sensitive . They tend to take things to heart and get upset easily . They are protective and like to look after people . They're untidy and good cooks.



24 June – 23 August

Their basic impulses are to shine as individuals and as leaders . They are stylish and they like to be the center of attraction . They love power . They're generous and creative and good at encouraging other people to be happy and do their best . They're good organizers but sometimes they're too pompous and even conceited . No one could call them shy : They’re gregarious and they like nothing better than enjoying themselves . Sometimes their ambition and their need to be a success may lead them into underhand dealings , but they can be loyal and faithful too . They are playful and like the sound of their own voices . They are poor judges of characters .



24 August – 23 September

Their basic impulses are to be of service , to analyse , criticise and to discriminate . They are terribly fussy and like things to be perfect and places to be tidy . As perfectionists themselves , they suffer fools gladly , but they’re modest and conscientious , They tend to suppress their emotions and worry about things . Sometimes they can be a bit hypocritical . They are practical people and good at remembering details . They're good learners and good teachers . They are calm and practical and find it hard to relax .



24 September – 23 October

Their basic impulses are to seek harmony , balance and justice . They like to be liked and they’re sociable and very charming . Although they are ambitious , they try to get what they want with a smile rather than threats . They are good at persuading people and they are diplomatic . They are sometimes indecisive and over – sensitive , even remote and cold , but people like their unselfishness and considerateness and think they are charming . They find it easy to make friends . They love nice smells and they’re very romantic . They are idealists . They find friends everywhere and are great entertainers .



24 October – 22 November

Their basic impulses are to bring about change , to investigate and transform . Their feelings are intense and they have a magnetic quality . They tend to be jealous and stubborn . They are not prepared to trust people and they can be cruel and vindictive . They have a strong sense of purpose and they can be subtle and secretive . They are strong , silent types . They can be courageous but they can be dangerous too . They have good self – control . They enjoy solving problems and can be difficult to live with .



23 November – 21 December

Their basic impulses are to extend horizons through speculation , travel and widespread interests . They’re deep thinkers , open – minded and love sport and outdoor activities . They have a sense of adventure and like exploring . They tend to be outspoken and can be tactless and inconsiderate . Their restlessness means that they don’t like to be committed or tied down . They can be extravagant and boastful but they are kind to other people and optimistic . They are unpredictable and impatient , but generous and always good – humored .    



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